Miguel VALDES THE feeling messengers

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The Feeling Messengers
Miguel "Miguelo" Valdes, Band Leader

Overview: Miguel "Miguelo" Valdes, the Afro-Cuban musician and band leader, has assembled a talented group of professional Latin artists, dedicated to preserving authentic Cuban music.

Our performances are jam-packed with rhythms that reflect the Boleros, Rumbas, Guarachas and Cuban music from the 1940s. The Feeling Messengers is noted throughout New York City and New Jersey for combining contemporary traditional jazz and bossanova that takes the audience into a feeling of nostalgia, love, longing and happiness all through their music.
The Feeling Messengers bridges generations and understanding of the important role music has played in breaking down barriers of misunderstanding. Through music we can touch the hearts, minds, bodies and soul through the heartbeat of good Cuban music.
Previously our name was The Feeling Collective Band, but now we changed it to: The Feeling Messengers, because that’s what we are: Messengers of Feeling.

1. Recording CDs.
2. Participate in different presentations and festivals, theaters and clubs around the world.
3. Get awards that can make our career.
4. Reach the hearts and minds of people who like this musical genre feeling.

8 Microphones
2 Bass and guitar amplifiers
5 Monitors
2 Congas
1 Bongo with stand
1 Cajon
2 Stand of cymbals

 Harlem-Havana Festival, Harlem Hospital, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Gracie Mansion, The National Jazz Museum in Harlem, Interchurch Center, Saint Peter’s Church, Zinc Bar, Jazz Standard, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Jazz Mobile Jammin on The Hudson, NY, NYC.

Perth Amboy Waterfrom Art Festival, Perth Amboy, NJ PAC, Newark,  
William Musto Cultural Center, Union City, NJ

 The NCPA International Jazz Festival in Mumbai, The Piano Man Jazz Club in Delhi, Kolkata Jazz Festival, Kolkata, India

 Different clubs and restaurants, NJ, NYC, India

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Harlem Havana Connection

The historical musical connection between Harlem and Havana dates back almost a century ago. This is because here in Harlem was where the creators of the Cubob, The Afrocuban Jazz, and The Son -- today called Latin Jazz and Salsa -- artists settled.
Musicians such as Chano Pozo, Arsenio Rodriguez, Mario Baunza, Mario Grillo "Machito", Miguelito Mr Babalu Valdes, Candido Camer, Carlos "Patato" Valdes, La Lupe, Celia Cruz, and Mongo Santamaria, to mention the most famous, came to Harlem and began using Jazz while incorporating the Tumblers " Congas " of Chano Pozo, in the Orchestra of Maestro Dizzy Gillespie. Dizzy Gillespie along the other musicians mentioned became the main protagonists for the start of this union.

I go back many centuries and I remember that famous Lucumi story where Oggun and Oxosi, warrior saints of Yoruba mythology, come together to hunt effectively and that's why the saying goes: THE STRENGTH IS IN THE UNION.

This project is one more manifestation of what we can do when playing these two cultures of great musical depth. HARLEM HAVANA CONNECTION is a band with a particular sound that takes you from the classic to the popular, from Jazz to Son, from Funk to Cha Cha Cha, from Mambo to Pop, from Bolero to Balada and other genders of Cuban and Afro-American music.

It is an aphrodisiac mix, a conviviality between Cuban and American musicians that make your body and mind relax and become unstressed by listening to our rhythms and melodies.